Horn Gemini 2011


The GEMINI (Model 2011) is a NEW model from Horn, which measures just over two and a half feet when closed, making it only slightly wider than the Cub plus.

Features are as follows

  • 2 popular finishes, Teak and Beech
  • Handy and convenient working surface, supported by an additional leg - So compact can be used on a continuous basis
  • Longer lifter
  • Strong full length chrome finish door hinges
  • Recessed angled doors that prevent draping fabric from catching on the door trays - Gives
  • greater leg room
  • 7 lockable castors
  • Greater door storage
  • Foot control shelf and magazine rack
  • Removable accessory cases
  • Sewing machine inset included
Horn Gemini 2011
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  • Horn Gemini 2011
  • Horn Gemini 2011
  • Horn Gemini 2011